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Johnny E. Nix was a teenager when he envisioned an engaging story about a family of venerated vampires living incognito in a college town. Sixty years later, Johnny retired in the Golden Isles following a career of working with the handicapped, managing an adult education program, and teaching ethics and sociology at a community college. After a life of helping others and traveling to 61 countries and 7 continents, he finally completed the supernatural thriller that he imagined in his youth.

Find out about that book—Yearning for the Light—and more about Johnny E. Nix below.


Watch for two more books by Johnny E. Nix to be published in 2024!

Yearning for the Light

Curse of the Vampire

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“An intriguing narrative turn that ignites a riveting final act and an unforgettable ending… with a standout cast and a grand denouement.”     —Kirkus Reviews

Hiding in the darkness a predator with piercing eyes, lethal teeth, and an insatiable bloodlust stalks his victims. An aberration possessing both vampire and human traits is the only threat to his reign of terror.

Suspense, horror, romance and courage merge in this refreshing approach to the vampire genre, chronicling the birth of the vampire existence to a present-day elite family of vampires living an esteemed life anonymously among humans…until their existence is challenged by a sadistic member of their own family who is determined to become master of a new world order.

Yearning for the Light: Curse of the Vampire is told from the perspective of the vampire family’s patriarch, a beloved history professor who teaches at the University of Michigan. Within his vampire lineage walks the personification of pure evil, a fiend who ignores his family’s norms and is willing to eradicate any human or vampire who opposes his insurrection of horror.

Two university students become entrapped in a labyrinth of terror where a mistake means certain death, not only for themselves, but also for the human species. A mutation combining both human and vampire traits is the only hope as unlikely allies risk everything to stop the predator before it’s too late.

This is the new and updated version of the 2017 novel, available now in paperback and ebook.



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Other Books Coming Soon

Farewell to Angels

Farewell to Angels is about a brilliant young woman who struggles to overcome a childhood dominated by a dysfunctional and emotionally abusive mother. To escape the demons stalking her, she embraces university life in a journey of self-discovery. Ultimately, she and her roommate, as well as two young professors of religion, become ensnarled in a web of intrigue, murder, and devastating family scandals that test their courage, intellect, and faith.

NOTE: Farewell to Angels reflects diverse attitudes about religious faith and the influence it has on individual lives. In particular, the transitions from devout faith, to disillusionment, to defining one’s own views about God and religion are the themes woven into a memorable story of acceptance, friendship, and love.


Leah’s Wolf

Leah’s Wolf  begins with a fatal wolf attack in Alaska that evolves into an investigation of a strange new virus that has extraordinary symptoms. An epidemiologist from the CDC, a Denali mountain guide, and two wolf experts from Yellowstone join forces in pursuit of the wolf and the origin of the virus. The book echoes the beauty of Alaska in a captivating story of intrigue, romance, suspense, and the paranormal.

About Johnny Nix

While in high school Johnny E. Nix had an idea for a story about an esteemed family of vampires as seen from the vampires’ perspective. He did not have time to write the thriller then, but after retirement sixty years later he finally had an opportunity to write Yearning for the Light: Curse of the Vampire. He tells the story of the birth of the vampire existence and traces the history until modern times. The fascinating story that the author imagined in his youth is an innovative and refreshing approach to the genre. 

While in college, as a young minister having a desire to help the community, Johnny and his future wife reached out to provide enriching experiences for children living in an economically and socially deprived community. After receiving his undergraduate and master’s degrees, he taught multi-handicapped children at the Helen Keller School. Following a few years of teaching high school, Johnny embraced the opportunity to teach and manage an adult education program at a vocational rehabilitation center. In addition to managing that program, Johnny was an adjunct evening instructor at the local community college where he taught ethics, sociology, and psychology.

When Johnny and his wife received a Caribbean cruise from their three children as a 30th wedding anniversary gift, they fell in love with international travel, and they have now traveled to all 7 continents and 61 countries.

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